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About Agency Banking


Though the bank continues to invest in rolling out brick and mortar branches that are complimented by various delivery channels, the challenge of access to formal financial services remains a big impediment to financial inclusion. Kenyans (especially in remote areas) are forced to travel long distances and spend huge amounts on transport in order to access a branch. In addition to the cost of transport is the time spent commuting to and fro that could have been spent more productively.

To curb these challenges, the central bank of Kenya released a legislation that allows commercial banks to contract third party retail networks as agents. Upon successful application, vetting and approval, these Agents are authorized to offer selected products and services on behalf of the bank. This relationship creates an Agency Banking business model.

An Equity Agent therefore, is a commercial entity that has been contracted by Equity Bank and approved by the Central Bank of Kenya to provide specific services on behalf of the bank. This entity shall be equipped with the skills necessary to provide basic banking services according to standards set by the bank.

Our objective is to offer the full range of banking services to our customers without their having to visit a branch. This will provide the opportunity to access financial products and services at a location nearest to the customer, thus breaking down certain barriers to financial inclusion such as cost and accessibility.





How it Works



Equity Bank takes advantage of the various technology solutions available in order to enable customers to transact at their convenience.

Customers can either:

  • Open a new account and have it linked to Eazzy 247 and use your mobile phone to transact at an Equity Agent near you

  • Link an existing account to Eazzy 247 and use your mobile phone to transact at an Equity Agent near you, or

  • Use your Equity Bank debit card to transact at select Equity Agent locations



Customer Information


How do I confirm that a certain Equity Agent is legitimate?

Equity agents are very particular in their appearance and therefore very distinct. Agents shall be branded, and given a particular Agent code by the bank. Things to look out for;

  • The outlet should be branded with the official Equity Agent colours (Click to see sample)

  • The outlet should have a 6 digit code clearly displayed

  • The outlet should have an Agency accreditation certificate from Equity Bank

  • The outlet should have a transaction register book, duly branded with the Equity logo

  • The outlet should have a white plastic sign with the Equity agent logo

NB: Whenever in doubt get in touch with your nearest branch or call our dedicated 24 hour contact centre using any of the below numbers;

  • 0711025000

  • 0202744000

  • 0734108000

In the event that I am unhappy, how do I get assisted and where can I report my disappointment or seek help?

In case of any dissatisfaction, queries or disputes, please do not hesitate to report the agent to your nearest branch or call our dedicated 24 hour contact centre using any of the below numbers;

  • 0711025000

  • 0202744000

  • 0734108000

Security at Agent locations

Transacting at an agent location is extremely secure and therefore you have no reason to feel uneasy about visiting an Agent. Further to this, after every successful transaction, you will receive either;

  1. An sms confirmation of the transaction that includes a reference number in case of any queries (This is for customers that transact using their mobile phone on Eazzy 247) or,

  2. A printed receipt confirming that the status of the transaction (This is for customers that transact using their Equity bank debit cards)

These transaction alerts are generated by the Bank and hence confirm that the agent has processed the transaction successfully.

NB: All transactions are real time.

NB: In case of system failures DO NOT TRANSACT.

NB: Please ensure that you keep your PIN a secret at all times! Your PIN is not to be shared with the agent or anyone else.

How to become an Equity Agent

The process in selecting who offers banking services on the Banks behalf is very stringent and is such is the case so as to ensure that we select the right partners so as to ensure that customers can transact with the same security ease and comfort as they would at the branch.

To become an Equity Agent, you need the following;

  1. An existing business that has been operating successfully in the same location for at a minimum of two years prior to application

  2. Valid business permits for the existing business

  3. A strategic business location- accessibility ,visibility, security

  4. A good reputation and high moral standing

  5. An excellent reach and catchment


Agency Banking Checklist


  • Agency banking application duly completed and signed by the applicant ID. Copies for principal applicant (s)

  • A certificate of good conduct

  • A brief description of commercial activity for the past 18 months (business profile)

  • Bank and/or Loan statements from any other institution for the past 18 months

  • 3 copies of pre-signed Equity Agent Contract to accompany the application

  • *Copy of certificate of incorporation or certificate of registration of business name as applicable

  • *Articles and memorandum of association / Partnership deed where applicable

  • *Board resolution (applicable to companies and partnerships)

  • *valid business license or permit for any lawful commercial activity carried on by the entity

  • *Audited financial records for the past two years

  • Sketch map for business and home location



  • Credit reference bureau report (CRB)

  • Two passport size photos for every applicant–Must have

  • Curriculum vitae (C.V) of all the applicants- Must have

  • Three colored photos of the business outlet showing (a) interior view of premises from the door (b) interior view showing stocks (c) outside view-15 meters from door showing nearby premises.

  • Supporting Documents Attached (a) Agent Outlet Visit Form (b) Agency Appraisal Form

    Services Offered

    The objective of the Agency Model is to offer the full range of banking services to our customers without their having to visit a branch.

    At an Equity Agent you can;

  • Apply to open a new account

  • Link an existing account to Eazzy 247

  • Apply to reactivate a dormant account (NEW)

  • Deposit cash into an Equity Bank account

  • Withdraw cash from your Equity Bank account

  • Pay your KPLC, DSTV and Nairobi water bills

  • Purchase airtime from any mobile network operator